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A root canal can save your natural tooth!

Have you experienced increased tooth sensitivity when consuming hot or cold foods or beverages?

Have you noticed a change in the color of a tooth?

These symptoms, among others, may indicate that you need root canal therapy for a dying or diseased tooth. While many patients feel anxious at the mention of a root canal- there is no need for alarm! Advances in dental technology and techniques in the filed of endodontics can offer today’s dental patients a speedier and less painful procedure that will preserve their natural tooth. Although there are many good tooth replacement options available today, keeping a patient’s natural tooth is always preferred and is important for life long oral hygiene and natural function of the occlusal system.

At Family and Spa Dentistry in Pennington, NJ, Endodontist Dr. Larisa Strelkov offers patients root canal therapy as well as other endodontic surgeries for cracked or diseased teeth. Dr. Strelkov has years of experience and special training in the field of endodontics and can provide the patients of Family and Spa Dentistry with long lasting results after a root canal procedure.

Root canals are typically completed in one visit with minimal discomfort and side effects. Most patients will experience relief from pain after the procedure as the infected tissue has been removed. During a root canal, Dr. Strelkov will remove the diseased pulp and nerve of the affected tooth and then fill it with a biocompatible material that will prevent a recurring infection. The tooth is then sealed with a dental filling. If necessary, a crown will be placed to secure and strengthen the tooth and ensure a lasting and comfortable outcome. Most patients experience pain and side effects that are similar to having a dental filling and the majority of patients can return to work or their daily return quickly.

If you have noticed any of the above mentioned symptoms, contact Family and Spa Dentistry to schedule an appointment- maintaining your oral health is an important part of your overall physical well being!