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How To Combat Teeth Grinding

Do you often find yourself clenching or grinding your teeth? You may not even notice that you are doing it. Millions of Americans are diagnosed with bruxism, or teeth grinding, each year. Bruxism often occurs unconsciously during sleep or in…


Why Crooked Teeth Are Such A Problem

It's not a secret that crooked teeth are not a pleasure to look at, but something that most patients do not realize is that crooked teeth can be the originating culprit for several other oral health issues and even for…


What To Know About Porcelain Veneers

What Are Porcelain Veneers? Porcelain veneers are popular¬†cosmetic dentistry¬†treatment that covers the front of the teeth and are used for subtle changes, as well as dramatic transformations. Depending on your circumstances, the dentist may use either porcelain veneers or composite…


What Are The Benefits Of Professional Teeth Whitening?

What Are The Benefits Of Professional Teeth Whitening? Enhance Your Appearance Boost Your Self-Confidence Minimize The Look Of Wrinkles It is affordable Can Help You Thrive In Professional Situations It Does Not Damage Your Teeth Helps You Seem Friendlier What…


Why Not To Fear A Root Canal

If Dr. Vagnozzi-Bucci tells you that you need a root canal, take a deep breath and remember there's no need to fear it. It's a relatively painless procedure, especially when compared the discomfort you may endure if you delay treatment.…