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Could Botox Cosmetic Help Treat Your TMJ?

Botox® , an FDA approved injectable medication, has been in use for over 2 decades for the treatment of fine lines, and wrinkles on the face, helping patients take years off of their appearance in quick, virtually pain free treatments that can last for several months.

Pennington dentist Dr. Donna Vagnozzi-Bucci has recently completed the certification and board registration required to become a Botox dentist in New Jersey. As a dentist, Dr. Vagnozzi-Bucci has an intimate knowledge and understanding of the facial structure and esthetics, enabling her to provide Botox® injections and Juvederm fillers with effective, lasting results that will address the cosmetic concerns of the patient. Patients love the convenience of combining a trip to the dentist with a cosmetic treatment that also has them smiling as they head back to their daily routine!

Questions about how Botox® or a dermal filler like Juvederm could address your cosmetic goals? Schedule a FREE consultation with Dr. Vagnozzi-Bucci at Family and Spa Dentistry and learn more about the process and expected results.

Botox ® has recently become more widely used as a therapeutic treatment for a variety of general health concerns, including dental applications for TMJ. Dr. Vagnozzi-Bucci may recommend Botox® to treat TMJ related symptoms such as jaw pain and tightness, frequent headaches and teeth grinding. The same relaxing properties that enable Botox injections to minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles also allow it to alleviate the stress and tension in the jaw joint that can produce TMJ symptoms and affect daily life for many patients.

If you have been suffering with the effects of TMJ or recurring headaches, discuss your concerns with your dentist at Family and Spa Dentistry to see if Botox® injections are right for you!