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Headaches Pennington, NJ

Experiencing frequent headaches? Pain in the neck? If you’ve just been “dealing with the pain”, it’s time to do something about it.

Can dental issues cause headaches? The simple answer is yes. A quick evaluation can help us determine if your frequent headaches and facial pain are caused by Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction or malocclusion (unbalanced bite). Dr. Donna Vagnozzi-Bucci specializes in treating TMJ dysfunction and helps patients get lasting relief from morning headaches, jaw pain and discomfort, and facial pain.

Dr. Vagnozzi-Bucci has a deep understanding of the function and anatomy of the facial region. She is highly trained and experienced in administering Botox. Getting treated for your headaches at the dentist office is an added convenience of being a patient of Family & Spa Dentistry in Pennington.

Are Your Headaches Caused by TMJ Dysfunction?

Reasons for having reoccurring headaches may include stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, and neurological disorders. An often overlooked cause for headaches, however, is dental problems. Although not always the case for everyone, headaches are one of the most common symptoms of a TMJ dysfunction. TMJ headaches typically occur in the morning and are the result of tension in the jaw joints, teeth clenching or teeth grinding during sleep.

TMJ Headache Symptoms

  • Pain in the temples or back of the head
  • Morning headaches
  • Pain in the shoulders, neck and upper back
  • Restrictive jaw movement
  • Jaw clicking or popping
  • Teeth grinding, teeth clenching
  • Underbites and overbites

TMJ Headache Therapy: How do you get rid of TMJ headaches?

Dr. Vagnozzi-Bucci & Associates will evaluate your jaw joints and perform a bite analysis to determine if your headaches are caused by TMJ dysfunction. After diagnosing your condition, she will create a personalized treatment plan. This plan may include daily mouth and jaw exercises recommended to relieve headache symptoms. Do not take any medicines without consulting with a medical professional. They can be detrimental to treatment if you are not properly diagnosed first.

Treatment for TMJ headaches can range from simple oral appliance therapy, to advanced bite correction therapy. Oral appliances used to reduce symptoms include using a night guard, mouthguard, or temporary oral splint. Advanced bite correction therapy involves reshaping the teeth so that they make proper contact.

Botox® For Headaches

Botox is a FDA approved injection that has long been used for cosmetic procedures. Botox is now being used to treat TMJ and chronic headaches. Our Pennington, NJ dentist office provides Botox for headaches as a part of our comprehensive treatment planning.

botox for headaches pennington nj
Using a very fine needle Dr. Vagnozzi-Bucci will strategically target regions of the face, neck and head. Botox has been shown to stop 8-9 headaches a month, before they start. Most patients report feeling minimal to no discomfort during their treatment. Many patients choose Botox over traditional medications to treat their headaches. Dr Vagnozzi-Bucci will work with you during a personal consultation to determine if Botox for headaches is right for you.

Evaluate your frequent headaches in Pennington New Jersey today. Schedule a consultation online, or give us a call at (609) 818-9797 today.