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Making The Most of Your Dental Insurance Plan

Do you still have FSA dollars or dental health benefits under a PPO plan that you have not yet used this year?

Do you still have insurance funds available that need to be spent by December 31st? You may have a “use it or lose it plan.” Do not let your dental insurance benefits expire, make the most of your insurance plan, click here to request your next oral health exam at our Pennington, NJ Family & Spa Dentistry.
dental insurance benefits in Pennington New Jersey

Understanding Your Dental Insurance

Are you do for a biannual dental exam? Do your children need teeth cleaning? You may be able to use your remaining dental health benefits before the years is over.

If you are unsure when your benefits expire, or how much coverage you have remaining through the end of the year, contact your insurance company. They should be able to provide you with the information you need. If you have any additional questions about your coverage, or what services it covers at Family & Spa Dentistry, contact our Pennington, NJ dentist office.

As a courtesy to our patients, our staff files claims on your behalf and will work with you to help you maximize your benefits. We also offer a third party payment options and phased treatment plans to help you afford your dental health care.

Remember, taking care of your teeth and gums is important. Proactive preventative dental care can keep you from developing complex dental health concerns requiring more advanced treatments. Family & Spa Dentistry provides comprehensive and personalized general dentistry for maintaining your natural, healthy smile.

Don’t let your FSA or HSA dollars go to waste! Use your benefits to keep your teeth and gums healthy and happy this holiday season!