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Dental Insurance Questions? We Have the Answers!

When we hear the word “insurance”, we often assume that a procedure that is necessary for our health will be covered- as is the case with the majority of health insurance policies. However, dental insurance is not set up exactly like a health insurance policy is and this leaves many dental patients confused about both their coverage and the necessity of a dental procedure.

Dental insurance, while beneficial to many, is set up as a contract between your employer and the insurer. This contract typically has very specific guidelines and will provide a defined amount of reimbursement, regardless of the actual cost of a procedure. In some cases, preventive care may appear to be covered in full, but there may be an underlying cost limit that can be exceeded if additional services are required such as an x-ray or more intense cleaning. This can cause confusion when a dental patient is assuming that their dental insurance is covering all “necessary procedures” for their dental health, when it is actually only covering a pre-determined dollar amount for any given procedure- regardless of whether it is necessary to restore or maintain a patient’s health.

The dentists of Family and Spa Dentistry in Pennington want their patients to be able to achieve and maintain their optimal oral health and will work with them to maximize the dental benefits they may have and balance the cost of any necessary treatments with their personal budget. This may be accomplished with special financing through Care Credit which enables patients to create a personalized payment plan. This is helpful for patients who have either chosen or are in need of a cosmetic procedure as this type of dental service is rarely covered by dental insurance. In some cases, orthodontic care may be partially covered and Family and Spa Dentistry will help patients to determine the exact amount of reimbursement they are entitled to so that they can plan accordingly.

Family and Spa Dentistry will submit claims for their patients who have insurance and they will be asked to pay their co-insurance at the time of their visit.

Your dental health is an important part of your physical well being- dental health problems can often lead to physical health problems when left untreated. Contact family and Spa Dentistry to discuss your dental insurance questions- we are here to help!