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Ease Dental Anxiety with a Dental Spa Experience

One of the major reasons that people avoid going to the dentist is anxiety or fear that their experience may be painful or uncomfortable. At Family and Spa Dentistry in Pennington, NJ, patients are made to feel both relaxed and comfortable before, during and after any procedure as a result of the spa amenities that are offered. This experience begins when a patient walks through the door and into the warm and inviting reception area that offers the comforts of home complete with cozy sofas and chairs to relax in while enjoying a complimentary coffee, cappuccino or fresh fruit!

The dentists of Family and Spa Dentistry take time with each patient to go over their treatment options, personal goals and health concerns in a specially designed consultation room. With the use of state of the art equipment patients are able to see a short video demonstrating their procedure prior to treatment. Gaining a full understanding of the dental procedure helps relieve any additional anxiety that a patient may have and also allows the dentist to fully explain the process and the expected outcome.

Once ready for treatment, patients are “treated” to complimentary spa services in a pleasant, relaxing treatment room. While watching T.V. or listening to music, patients at Family and Spa Dentistry have the option of the following spa treatments that are performed during their dental procedure:

  • Paraffin hand waxing
  • Aromatherapy
  • Shiatsu massage pad
  • Warm neck wrap
  • Tranquil eye mask
  • Head-phones with a variety of satellite station selections
  • Warm after care towels
  • Sea salt hand scrub
  • Shoulder and neck massage

These services are complimentary and the dentists of Family and Spa Dentistry offer them to their patients in an effort to make any visit to the dentist enjoyable. Dr. Vagnozzi-Bucci and her associates understand the tremendous health benefits of good oral hygiene, including regular dental visits, and hope that a pleasant, relaxing experience will encourage their patients to maintain their dental health and come in for twice yearly preventive care appointments.

If you have been avoiding a visit to the dentist because of dental anxiety, contact Family and Spa Dentistry in Pennington to schedule a consultation and experience the difference a dental spa experience can make!