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Maintain Your Oral Health with FSA & HSA Dollars!

It is that time of year when many companies are renewing health insurance and asking you to choose how much to put into an HSA or FSA account.

Do you still have funds available that need to be spent by December 30th?

Take a look at your family’s dental needs to see if that second annual cleaning should be scheduled before year end! Your dental health is an important part of overall good health and well being- be sure to visit with your dentist at Family and Spa Dentistry in Pennington twice per year for routine care visits.

Not only do we enjoy seeing you and your family, routine preventive care offers many benefits for long term oral health:

    • Professional tooth cleanings reach all surfaces of the teeth to remove plaque.
    • Provides Dr. Vagnozzi-Bucci and her associates the opportunity to spot dental problems in the early stages when conservative treatment options are most effective.
    • Periodontal screening at these visits can prevent the onset or development of gum disease, the leading cause of tooth loss in adults.
    • A healthy smile has been proven to play an important role in overall physical health: the mouth-body connection can have beneficial effects when both are maintained with good preventive dental care and physicals.

Don’t let your FSA or HSA dollars go to waste- they are meant to be spent on keeping you healthy!