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Dr. Vagnozzi-Bucci Now Offers Treatment for White Spots on Teeth

Everybody wants that picture perfect smile. Unfortunately, all of us aren’t born with perfect pearly whites. Some people’s teeth are simply whiter than others, and then some people are unfortunate to have teeth that are spotted for various reasons.

Sometimes people to get braces, to straighten their teeth and when they have the braces removed, there may be discoloration or white spots left behind. Some people have white spots or discoloration on their teeth from taking strong medications or taking medications for a prolonged period of time. Regardless of the reason why people’s teeth have white spots they can they can be diminished with the right treatment from Family and Spa Dentistry, the office of Donna Vagnozzi-Bucci.

Dr Vagnozzi-Bucci is a Pennington dentist who offers white spot treatments for teeth to patients. White spots might seem contradictory since people covert white teeth. However, white spots on teeth are an indication of demineralization of the tooth’s enamel, which could lead to cavities. Fortunately, Dr. Vagnozzi-Bucci offers her patients a revolutionary treatment that helps them eliminate white spots on their teeth for both aesthetic and wellness purposes.

Dr. Vagnozzi-Bucci’s treatment is known as Icon Dental treatment. This technique merely reinforces the enamel on the tooth and reduces the appearance of white spots on teeth. In this procedure, the dentist begins by covering the gums and teeth to protect them. Then, she cleanses and rinses the teeth that have white spots. Next, she applies Icon-Etch, which is a hydrochloric acid to the affected teeth and allows it to sit on them for two minutes. This solution makes the surface of the teeth ready for the filling treatment. Next, the dentist applies an icon-infiltrant solution to the teeth, sets it with a special curing light, and then polishes the teeth until they are smooth.

The dentist may apply a second layer of the icon-infiltrant solution to the teeth if desired for more dramatic results. However, the Icon Dental treatment provides patients with a huge reduction in the appearance of white spots on their teeth. Plus, what’s good about this procedure is that in addition to making people’s smiles look better, it also helps stop the demineralization process of tooth enamel and helps prevent cavities from forming as well.