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Tooth ExtractionPennington, NJ

Tooth ExtractionAn Overview

Dr. Vagnozzi- Bucci will always try to save as much of your natural tooth as possible, however, left untreated, tooth decay may damage a tooth beyond repair. If a tooth is damaged or has experienced significant decay, a tooth extraction may be necessary.

Tooth extractions may also be necessary to reduce overcrowding. For some patients removing a tooth will allow space for their other teeth to realign. Wisdom teeth are often extracted for this reason or if they are impacted.

Tooth extractions can be performed in the comfort of our Pennington Family & Spa dentist office. Once the tooth is extracted, depending on the location and your oral health, Dr. Vagnozzi Bucci may recommend replacing your missing tooth with a dental implant and crown.

I always have an outstanding visit and just recently referred two more people who raved about the experience they had! The proper time and attention to detail is always taken on every appointment.Lisa C.
Everything is great and the service is amazing. This is the reason I drive over 1.5 hours each way to receive dental care there.Stephen G.
I’ve been going to Dr. Vagnozzi since she opened her practice. Everyone is amazing! Dr. Vagnozzi takes her time and really pays attention to detail. I always feel like she is giving me the best advice!Phyllis C.
Just a little note of thanks for taking the time to deal with my big baby! He is terrified of the dentist and you made it a bit less scary for him. The tender pampering you and your staff offer goes a long way! Thanks a million.Kim and Ian

Tooth Extraction What to Expect

The tooth extraction process is a standard procedure that is quick and simple. Our dental care team will ensure that you are comfortable and relaxed before beginning your treatment.

Dr. Vangozzi-Bucci will use dental tools to release the small ligaments holding the tooth in place. With a gentle rocking motion, your tooth will slowly be pulled out. Some patients may experience a pressure sensation, but typically little to no pain is felt.

Once the tooth is removed the socket will be cleaned and covered to minimize bleeding. Your dentist will provide aftercare instructions to ensure a speedy and healthy recovery.

Donna Vagnozzi-Bucci, DMD, PC

Why choose Family Spa & Dentistry?

Some people just want to find a dentist. Others want to find a dentist who is highly qualified, easy to understand and truly caring towards her patients. That is what you’ll find at the office of Donna Vagnozzi-Bucci, DMD, PC in Pennington, New Jersey. Patients come to our office from Trenton and Princeton because we believe in the “old fashioned” way of putting the patient first.

Dr. Vagnozzi-Bucci leads a team of dental professionals committed to your long term oral health and your cosmetic goals. We offer full service dental implants, comprehensive preventive care and treatment for a wide range of concerns from discolored teeth to sleep apnea.