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Why Crooked Teeth Are Such A Problem

Why Crooked Teeth Are Such A ProblemIt’s not a secret that crooked teeth are not a pleasure to look at, but something that most patients do not realize is that crooked teeth can be the originating culprit for several other oral health issues and even for some serious general health issues.

If you have crooked teeth and feel like it is not a top priority because it is only a cosmetic problem, please think again and check out the problems that have been linked to crooked teeth. If money may be an issue holding you back to addressing your crooked teeth, you will also want to read below as you will be saving money over the long haul.

Problem Associated With Crooked Teeth

Makes Cleaning your Teeth Problematic

Should be very simple to realize that it is more difficult to clean things that are not straight and or crooked, especially teeth. Teeth are especially difficult because they tend to overlap with neighboring teeth that will create gaps, and spaces that make it easy for bacteria to grow inside your mouth on top of making it more difficult to clean.

Jaw Pain

Did you know that you have two Temporomandibular Joints on each side of your jaw? Crooked teeth like to put added stress on these joints causing something commonly called TMJ or TMD (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder). TMD can cause serious jaw pain making it painful to eat.

Confidence Crushing

Nothing can be more discouraging than a crooked smile. Your smile is typically the first thing people notice when looking at you for the first time. Also, knowing that your smile is crooked may prevent you from smiling. Also, it may prevent you from attempting to get that job promotion or even stop you from asking out a crush that you may have for some time now. Stop missing out on possibly big moments in your life, and address your crooked teeth.

Halitosis (Bad Breath)

You already know how badly crooked teeth look, imagine how bad they will smell with all the spaces that are tough to clean, and gaps for bacteria to hide and grow.


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